Check Engine Light: 4 Places In Your Vehicle To Examine


You are driving along one day and suddenly you notice that the check engine light comes on. It seems to have come on out of nowhere. Even worse, you don't know what is causing it to light up. Frantic, you begin thinking about the worst possibilities.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you're not alone. Many people wonder why a check engine light would appear—especially without any warning. Don't worry, a quick trip to an auto repair shop will ease your mind and you will know what is causing it.

In the meantime, check these parts for issues:

1. Oxygen Sensor

One reason your check engine light is on is because of a bad oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor is small part in your vehicle that monitors the oxygen and exhaust levels. It also monitors how the oxygen in your car is burned. When it stops producing any numbers—or numbers that are way off—it can cause the check engine light in your vehicle to appear. The oxygen sensor is sturdy, but it might fail due to debris buildup.

2. Gas Cap

Another reason that pesky light might come on is due to issues in your gas cap. If it is loose or broken, the light will usually appear to notify you. Although it's not a huge problem, it can cause issues due to vapor leakage. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix. If it is cracked, purchase a new one. If not, just make sure to screw it on tighter.

3. Alarm System

You might also see the light when there is a problem with your alarm system. This usually occurs with "aftermarket" parts, which don't necessarily belong in your vehicle. The light might be on due to a bad wire connection or faulty parts. Again, this is easy to fix. Check the wires and tighten them. If that doesn't fix it, try re-installing it. Finally, replace the parts if needed.

4. Battery

Finally, you might also notice the light if you have a dead battery. However, it might also appear due to problems with your battery or charging system. If you're like most people, you probably use your car battery a lot: to run the vehicle, use lights, and charge cell phones or other items. If your battery gets low or stops working altogether, your check engine light might appear. To fix it, charge your battery or replace it.

There are many reasons your check engine light might appear; these are just four common ones. If your check engine light is on, take your vehicle to an auto repair shop such as Accurate Transmission & Auto Centre Ltd car maintenance to find out why—and to fix it.


25 September 2015

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