What Happens When Your Get Your Vehicle's Air Conditioning Serviced


During the summer months, it is not uncommon to see just about every auto shop and oil change shop in the area advertising air conditioning service. Here is what should happen when you take your vehicle in to get the air condition system checked and serviced:

Pressure Test

The first thing a service technician will do when you bring your vehicle in for an air conditioning check is to test out your pressure. They will check the air pressure running through air conditioning system. This reading will let them know if your system is blowing out the right amount of air. If your system has a low-pressure reading, the service technician will then examine the pipes and hoses in your system to see if there is a leak or if any of them have become disconnected and just need to be reattached.

Refrigerant Charge

Next, the service technician will check the charge on your refrigerant. The refrigerant is the liquid that runs through your air conditioning system. It helps cool off the air that your vehicle pulls in. Refrigerant does not last forever; over time, it can lose its charge and thus lose its effectiveness.

If your refrigerant is below the recommended charge for your vehicle, the service technician working on your vehicle will drain out the old refrigerant and replace it with new refrigerant. This is not something that typically has to be done on a regular basis; it is generally done a couple of times over the life of your vehicle.

Outlet Temperature

Finally, the service technician will check the temperature of the air coming out of your outlets. This is another easy way to identify issues. If the air is too hot, generally your refrigerant needs changed. If the air is too cold, the technician may need to adjust a few settings and fix or replace the internal thermometer so the air temperature is regulated correctly.

Belt Check

Finally, the service technician will check the air compressor's drive belt and make sure that it is set to the right tension level. It the tension is too loose, the belt could fall off, and if it is too tight, the belt could snap or break. If the level is off, the service technician will adjust it to get the right tension level for your vehicle.

When you get your vehicle's air conditioner serviced, the technician should check the four items listed above. When the service technician goes over what they did during your air condition check-up, make sure they address the four issues above. That way, you will know that your air conditioning system was checked out thoroughly. 

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6 October 2015

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