How To Reduce Auto Break Wear


Since the brake system is one of the most important car systems, it follows that you should do everything possible to reduce the wear and tear of your brakes. Here are a few ways of doing this: Avoid the Habit of Sharp Braking Sharp braking is the practice of stomping on the brake pedal without slowing down the car first. Ideally, you should anticipate stops and slow down the car so that you can brake at reasonably slow speeds.

10 August 2018

Black Smoke Coming Out Of Your Tailpipe? Find Out Why


Your expect your car to run perfectly, but sometimes issues arise, like black smoke coming out of your tailpipe. This could signify all kinds of issues that this guide might help you uncover, and you'll learn about one possible solution. What is The Smoke? The black smoke coming out of your tailpipe is fuel that your engine could not burn during combustion. This means that the engine (or other parts) of your vehicle is causing your fuel pump to push out more gasoline than needed.

4 February 2016

How To Keep Vehicle Repair Costs Down


If your vehicle has outlived its manufacturers warranty, you might end up facing auto repair charges that you'll need to pay on your own. However, just because the warranty runs out on your vehicle doesn't mean that it's time to run out and purchase a new car. Auto repair professionals want to help you keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape, and they are honest in their methods and ways of doing so.

7 October 2015

What Happens When Your Get Your Vehicle's Air Conditioning Serviced


During the summer months, it is not uncommon to see just about every auto shop and oil change shop in the area advertising air conditioning service. Here is what should happen when you take your vehicle in to get the air condition system checked and serviced: Pressure Test The first thing a service technician will do when you bring your vehicle in for an air conditioning check is to test out your pressure.

6 October 2015

How To Remove Paint From A Car


Extremely minor collisions, or simply rubbing up against another vehicle, can cause paint to transfer onto your car. When this happens, your car's aesthetic is ruined, and there is a large unsightly mark that stands out from the rest of your vehicle's paint job. Instead of simply painting over the area, you can remove the paint that has rubbed off onto your car. This is a fairly simple process that you can do at home with the right tools

5 October 2015

Check Engine Light: 4 Places In Your Vehicle To Examine


You are driving along one day and suddenly you notice that the check engine light comes on. It seems to have come on out of nowhere. Even worse, you don't know what is causing it to light up. Frantic, you begin thinking about the worst possibilities. Does this sound familiar? If so, you're not alone. Many people wonder why a check engine light would appear—especially without any warning. Don't worry, a quick trip to an auto repair shop will ease your mind and you will know what is causing it.

25 September 2015